Support Other Nonprofits

One of My Recovery Day’s mission objectives is to engage with and support other 501c3 nonprofits involved in the prevention and treatment of addictions.  We can supply training to residents and help them generate income.   If any residents need to volunteer outside of your facility, we can use the help. (more…)

Training and Income Opportunity

My Recovery Day provides income opportunities for individuals recovering from addiction in a safe, substance free, positive environment allowing them to continue their own recovery process without judgement. Since most activities are focused online, we call our employment or income opportunity the “JOBS (Just Online Being Sober) Program”.  (more…)

Mobile Recovery App Development

The 4Today mobile app provides recovery resources at your fingertips. The 4Today mobile recovery app is a FREE app that provides recovery resources and tools to keep you on the right path to recovery one day at a time. Although focus is on alcoholism and drug addiction, 4Today can help support any type of addiction recovery. (more…)