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Our Mission and Programs

Our mission is to develop and provide follow up support resources to individuals recovering from addictions giving them the help and hope they need for sustainable recovery. Our vision for every individual in addiction recovery is to stay in recovery allowing God to work through their lives providing them with purpose and passion.  The programs we deliver are: 1. My Recovery Day provides technology training which focuses on generating income online within a safe and sober environment. Our “J.O.B.S.” (Just Online Being Sober) Program participants use donated items from individuals and organizations to sell on various online platforms. 2. The free “4Today” mobile app provides recovery resources at the user’s fingertips to keep the individual on the correct path of recovery, one day at a time. It includes a sobriety counter, sobriety accountability checkpoints, progress charts, a meeting locator, plus recovery books and literature. Currently the app is available in the Apple Store. 3. The Recovery Bank is a free resource for individuals to obtain, free of charge, furniture, appliances, kitchenware, general household/bathroom products, and other similar items. The above mentioned items are new to gently used in condition, and are garnered from donations we My Recovery Day also helps to support other qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofits involved in the prevention and treatment of various addictions.

The Beginning Story

The founder, Bill Tymoszczuk, set up his personal eBay account in 1999 to sell some of his Dad’s WWII items. He enjoyed the feeling of learning something new and the excitement of getting an email that his item SOLD. Seeing that eBay was a great vehicle to learn and make money, he begin to think about using eBay as a teaching and income platform to provide hope to men and women who have chosen the path of recovery from addictions. For an individual who has gone through a recovery program, only to realize they do not have skills or a way to support themselves and/or their family can be extremely discouraging and even threaten their recovery. Consequently, on Oct 12, 2016 he set up an eBay user ID (My Recovery Day) and started listing and selling items for  his own nonprofit, 3RTEC, Inc dba My Recovery Day.  He continued to sell and build positive feedback on eBay and on May 10, 2017 was granted 501(c)(3) status by the IRS.  (Federal Tax ID: 81-4109966). In January, 2018 a lease was signed for the current office and warehouse space located at 4500 Lee Road.  It is here  that My Recovery Day has started teaching and training individuals in recovery through the J.O.B.S. Program (Just Online Being Sober).  Our first J.O.B.S. program participant started on March 14, 2018 and proved that we can make a difference in the lives of individuals in recovery. Our goal was to set up a classroom style training facility with warehouse space to scale our J.O.B.S. Program.  My Recovery Day has also added The Recovery Bank to the same location and our mobile app development projects. The My Recovery Day Office and Warehouse location at 4500 Lee Road, Building H

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