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Leadership Team

Dan Dugan
Chairman of the Board

Mr. Dugan is an enterprise cloud strategist at Amazon Web Services. He creates business and technology strategies that help companies gain competitive advantages in today’s dynamic corporate environment. He focuses on eliminating business and IT duality to enable digital transformation. Mr. Dugan has close to 30 years of experience at some of the most innovative companies in the world such as AWS, Salesforce, Oracle and Cisco. Mr. Dugan is a 15-year veteran of technology giant Cisco. Starting in 2000, Mr. Dugan lead a team to create a go-to-market strategy for then new technologies IP voice, wireless and Internet security. His work helped Cisco to become the dominant market leader in each of these technologies. After the events of 9/11, Mr. Dugan was asked to create a solutions portfolio focused on improving homeland security. These products would eventually become the corner stones of Cisco’s multi-billion-dollar public sector division. Mr. Dugan then became Cisco’s Ohio sales leader eventually building Ohio into the largest region in North America with $1.5 billion in revenue. Mr. Dugan is a native of Northern Ohio, where he currently resides with his wife their three children. Dan is a graduate of the University of Akron and holds dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Finance and Accounting. He passionately gives his time to promote mindfulness and to help stop the destruction of addiction in whatever form it appears. My Recovery Day is honored to have him as a Board member and looks forward to his participation as we continue to serve individuals in recovery.

Bill Tymoszczuk
Founder and Executive Director

Mr. Tymoszczuk is the founder and Executive Director of 3RTEC, Inc. dba My Recovery Day.  Recognizing the need for follow-up programs after treatment, My Recovery Day was incorporated on December 30, 2016 with the mission “to develop and provide follow up support resources to individuals recovering from addictions, giving them the help and hope they need for sustainable recovery.” He graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a BA in Biology and Chemistry and attended Lancaster University in England for his junior year. While at Lancaster he started as the Forward Prop for the school’s rugby league team. He was a Joseph S. Silber Fellow for the American Cancer Society and has three publications in various Immunology journals. Mr. Tymoszczuk did clinical research at the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals for several years before going into healthcare sales. He successfully managed healthcare sales in several Midwest states for Stuart Pharmaceuticals and Dako Diagnostics. After several years in healthcare, Mr. Tymoszczuk started several communication companies where he served as the founder and President. One such company, PhoneTel Technologies, Inc., he successfully took public in 1989 raising $4.1M. Mr. Tymoszczuk was the CEO of MemVu, Inc. which is a software platform that provides cognitive exercises to individuals with brain health conditions like Alzheimer’s.  Mr. Tymoszczuk has been involved with several startups and nonprofits since then providing management expertise, business development, and general consulting services. Mr. Tymoszczuk is the father of four wonderful children and seven amazing grandchildren. He enjoys traveling, fishing, watching his grandchildren play sports, and science fiction. He has written and published a science fiction novel on Amazon titled “The 666 Gene”. He is active in 12-step recovery programs and is a server at St. John the Evangelist Cathedral.
chip coakley
Chip Coakley
Board Member

Mr. Coakley is Chairman and CEO of PGL Global Ltd. which provides global offshoring services for US firms. He graduated from John Carroll University with a BA in Communications and attended the University of Manchester, England; Graduate School of Economics. He served in the United States Army as a First Lieutenant and served in the I Corp area (DaNang) of Viet Nam. Mr. Coakley has been instrumental in the founding of several successful organizations; the most recent being The Pacific Great Lakes Corporation (The Cleveland Stevedore Company was a subsidiary) and the Signal Mutual Indemnity Association Ltd., both of which he served as its Chairman and President. He has worked extensively in Africa, Asia, Malaysia, Southeast Asia, South America, Central America, and Eastern and Western Europe. He is conversant in both Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. He sold Pacific Great Lakes in early 2001 and has served as a director for numerous non-profit and for-profit organizations to include: the Arthritis Foundation, the Gathering Place, Astara, the Roots of American Music (ROAM), ADL Advisory Board, St Joseph’s Christian Life Center, +Space Inc., and Freda Joyce Brint Foundation (dementia). He is a member of Leadership Cleveland (Class of 1989), the Cleveland Orchestra Corporate Council, and a member of the Patient Advisory Counsel of the Cleveland Clinic Urological Center. He was also the Founder of the Rock and Roll Triathlon, Swim for Diabetes, and Run for the Cure. Mr. Coakley is an avid sportsman and wellness advocate having competed, on a national basis, in numerous road races, triathlons, cycling races, and swimming events.  He is a former director and President of the Western Reserve Chorale and is presently a member of the St. John the Evangelist Cathedral choir, and a musician specializing in acoustical guitar.

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Art Kopittke
Board Member

Mr. Kopittke is a native of Northeast Ohio graduating from University School in 1993 and receiving a BS in marketing from Cornell University in 1997. He returned to Cleveland after graduation from Cornell and joined the family business along with his father and older brothers. Mr. Kopittke is presently CEO of 4500 Ltd. which consists of industrial warehousing, commercial property management, and an abrasive consumable supply distribution business. He has taken a special interest in My Recovery Day as an opportunity to help make positive changes in people’s lives that are suffering from various addictions. According to Mr. Kopittke, “we all know that addiction touches virtually everyone in some way during their lifetime….my number was called to help.’ Mr. Kopittke believes strongly in My Recovery Day’s platform to help support individuals in recovery. His business acumen, kindness, and willingness to help others is a welcomed contribution to My Recovery Day’s Board of Directors.

Valarie J. McCall
Board Member

Ms. McCall is an award-winning, community-driven leader who delivers results and transforms organizations by leveraging her experience as a political powerhouse and coalition- builder. She is the founder of the Valarie J. McCall Consulting Agency, a strategic advisory firm equipping business, political and leaders with the necessary resources to navigate today’s complex government, business and board management landscape. As the former Chief of Communications, Government and International Affairs for the City of Cleveland, McCall served as a trusted advisor and cabinet member in the administration of the city’s longest serving mayor, Frank G. Jackson. McCall was Cleveland’s primary representative for Sister Cities International, a non-profit, non- partisan organization advancing relationships with sister cities, counties, and states across the globe. In addition, McCall advanced the city’s brand by implementing innovative communications campaigns highlighting progress, informing residents, advising of development, legislative matters and constituent issues.

McCall is a proud daughter of Cleveland, OH. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Cleveland State University. In 2012, the university graciously awarded her an Honorary Doctor of Public Service degree Honoris Causa and in 2016, she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from L’University De Rouen Normandie, Rouen, France (both with all rights, privileges, and honors). Her knowledge and passion for service will be a real asset to My Recovery Day.  My Recovery Day is honored to have her as a Board member and looks forward to her participation as we continue to serve individuals in recovery.

Kevin Michael Mooney, Esq.,
Board Member

Kevin is a loving, engaged father to two brilliant children and loving husband to his wife.

Professionally, Kevin is Senior Director, AI, Analytics of the Enterprise Data Governance Office at the Cleveland Clinic. He is responsible for developing the strategic and cultural framework related to managing high quality reliable data and AI capabilities in order to meet data-reliant goals at the Cleveland Clinic’s critical points of need. An attorney, he worked in Cleveland Clinic’s Legal Office from 2005 through 2017, where he built and ran the IT/IP legal practice and served as its Lead IT Commercial Counsel and Chair. In those roles, he was heavily engaged in the strategy and implementation of Cleveland Clinic’s technology, analytics, telemedicine, EMR, cloud, digital health, privacy, cybersecurity, intellectual property and strategic alliance initiatives.

Kevin is also one of the founders of the Northeast Ohio Cyber Consortium (a consortium of 30+ companies sharing cyber threat intelligence), serving on its board as a director and also serving as co-chair of the legal & governance committee. Prior to joining Cleveland Clinic, Kevin served as in-house counsel at several other organizations, specializing in technology, intellectual property and commercial law.

Erin Sipos
Board Member

For the past couple years, Ms. Sipos was the Director of Events, Partnerships, Promotions and Marketing for Studio West 117. Studio West 117 is a neighborhood of inclusive and affirming spaces that are dedicated to helping connect and support the LGBTQ+ community and its allies in Cleveland. Ms. Sipos has an extensive and accomplished managerial background in the hospitality industry holding leadership positions at Executive Caterers, Driftwood and Covelli Enterprises. She was regional coordinator for the relay for life for the American Cancer Society, raising $80k. Ms. Sipos is also currently the Executive Director and founder for the MAC Foundation, a very successful foundation that supports the Mayfield Area Communities. The MAC foundation has helped many families and residents over the years that were going through difficult times with basic needs. Her enthusiasm and love for others guides her motivation and her community achievements have not been unnoticed. Ms. Sipos was awarded the Mayfield Heights citizen of the year.

She is a Mayfield resident and graduated from Mayfield High School in 1996. Ms. Sipos is a loving wife and mother to three amazing children and has an inner commitment to serve others. She is also very active in 12 step recovery work. Ms. Sipos is a welcomed addition to My Recovery Day’s Board of Directors.

Dr. Tim Smith
Board Member

Dr. Smith is a physician residing in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. A native Ohioan, he returned to Ohio in 2016 after 27 years in Minneapolis. He has been a medical director for Optum, a division of United Health Group, for 23 years. His roles have included medical directorships for JP Morgan Chase, General Electric, and Target Corporation. He was Senior Medical Director overseeing a large regional health plan in Minneapolis, developing population management strategies to create effective, patient-focused interventions to improve clinical outcomes and quality of life. He relocated home to Ohio in 2016 to assume behavioral oversight of United Health Care of Ohio Community and State. He continues this role today but has also been tasked as a National Senior Medical Director overseeing Care Coordination and Engagement for Medical-Behavioral Integration efforts nationally for United Health Group. Dr. Smith trained as an electrical engineer at The University of Michigan and The Ohio State University. His medical training occurred at The Ohio State University, continuing with a medical internship and psychiatric residency at Case Western Reserve University. He has a special interest in Adverse Childhood Events, Trauma-Informed Care, Addictions, and Psychodynamic Theory and Psychotherapy. My Recovery Day welcomes Dr. Smith to its Board of Directors. His knowledge and healthcare expertise will help guide us to innovate and better serve the recovery community.

Jim Wojtila
Board Member

Jim Wojtila is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Mar-Bal, Inc., the leading integrated compounder and molder of BMC Thermoset composite products. He is a key member of the Executive Leadership Team; confidant and key advisor to the company’s shareholders while leading the Finance and IT Departments for the company. He is also responsible for treasury, debt, asset and risk management, and the economic strategy for the company. Jim’s financial acumen continues to ready Mar-Bal for future growth and expansion. Before joining Mar-Bal in 2011, Mr. Wojtila held similar roles with several other manufacturing companies and he began his career in public accounting with Ciuni and Panichi, Inc. He is a graduate of John Carroll University with a major in Accounting and is a non-practicing C.P.A. He was selected twice as a Finalist for CFO of the Year by Crain’s Magazine (2008 and 2013) which honors Northeast Ohio’s top fiscal officers for outstanding financial leadership, asset management, and strategic vision. Mr. Wojtila is the proud father of three adult children and soon to be a grandfather. He has been an active supporter with his children in roles of coach, scout leader, booster club officer, and volunteer. He has been an active leader in Music Ministry and Men’s Fellowship in his church. He is looking forward to joining the My Recovery Day Board and helping to further its mission.

Jerilyn Hagan
Jerilyn M. Hagan JD, MSN, CNS
Director, Family Education and Group Support

Jerilyn M. Hagan JD, MSN, CNS Director, Family Education and Group Support Ms. Hagan has an extensive career in Behavioral Health working as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in both the inpatient and outpatient arena. Her work experience includes managing the Psychiatric Emergency Room for Cuyahoga County and holding teaching positions at various colleges and universities. Her most recent position encompassed managing the Behavioral Health Advanced Practice Providers for the Cleveland Clinic. Ms. Hagan obtained both her BSN and MSN, with a concentration in administration, from the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing at Case Western Reserve University. This was followed by a Juris Doctor degree from the Cleveland Marshall College of Law. An active member in the Irish community, Ms. Hagan served as the Chair of the North American Feis Commission, a national board whose mission is to preserve Irish culture and heritage through word, music, dance, and athletics. My Recovery Day is honored to have her as the first Director of the Family Education and Group Support as we continue to serve individuals in recovery. 

Angela Swolsky
Group Facilitator, My Family Recovers

With over 14 years working as a professional coach and addiction recovery counselor, Ms. Swolsky specializes in integrated care for substance use disorders and mental health challenges. She has a bachelor’s degree from Southern New Hampshire University and is pursuing a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy at Northcentral University. She is dedicated to empowering individuals in their personal and professional growth, advocating for mental health awareness, and improving community access to resources. Ms. Swolsky is the Chief Business Development Officer and Clinician at Superior Behavioral Health where she leads the provider team by developing evidence-based interventions, supervising program implementation, and fostering recovery for clients with diverse needs by assessing social determinants and addressing barriers to treatment.

Ms. Swolsky is the lead Group Facility for My Family Recovers, a family education and group support program offered by My Recovery Day.