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Allison Glantzis RN, BSN, CSAP, CLC

Ms. Glantzis joined My Recovery Day as our Training and Outreach Director on September 1, 2020. She graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Nursing Science. Her background includes 16 years of extensive experience as a registered nurse working in the hospital & health care industry. Skills in her nursing career include Nursing Management, Nursing Education, Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), Emergency Medicine, and Intensive Care.

Ms. Glantzis desires to build upon her experience and skills to now serve others in a more holistic way. So, today, her ambition is to serve individuals with substance abuse disorder and their families. “When I work with an individual in addiction recovery, I can see the profound ripple effects of the disease. This disease does not affect just the individual but the family, employer and society as a whole. It truly is a joy to help support a changed life”. Ms. Glantzis has a real passion for working with individuals who seek a more fulfilling lifestyle by also offering coaching in career development and transitions, improving relationship, communication coaching, embracing body image, self-love training and much more. She is a reiki master, energy healer, meditation instructor, and certified hypnotherapist.

Ms. Glantzis is a welcomed addition to My Recovery Day to reach out to the recovery community with the resources we have to support sustainable recovery. She brings an exciting skillset to offer My Recovery Day clients and participants.