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20 Oct: MY RECOVERY DAY TO HOST MY RECOVERY Day JAM 2022 WITH LIVE STREAMing to 300+ recovery organizations

This outreach benefit will feature performances from local talented artists delivering messages of hope and music to support the recovery community and help reduce the stigmas associated with Substance Use Disorder and recover. CLEVELAND, OHIO October 20, 2022 – 3RTEC, Inc. dba My Recovery Day, a NE Ohio-based nonprofit providing help and hope to individuals in recovery, announces, “My Recovery Day Jam 2022 – Recovery is Possible and It Rocks”. The event will take place on November 12, 2022, from 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm, LIVE from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame while also streaming FREE to over 300 treatment centers and sober living homes across the country! “Currently, we estimate that streaming will reach between 10,000-15,000 individuals, most of whom are new to recovery.” according to Executive Director and Founder, Bill Tymoszczuk. Prior to rocking the house, a band member from each performing group will share their…

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06 Jan: My Recovery Day Adds Erin Sipos to Its Leadership Team as its First Community Support Director

CLEVELAND, OHIO – 3RTEC, Inc. dba My Recovery Day, a NE Ohio based nonprofit providing help and hope to individuals in recovery, announced this week that Erin Sipos has joined the leadership team as its first Community Support Director. “Ms. Sipos is a welcomed addition to My Recovery Day’s leadership team.  Her role is to develop relationships with other businesses, healthcare and government organizations to help us support our recovery community,” said Bill Tymoszczuk, Executive Director.    Ms. Sipos joined My Recovery Day as its Community Support Director on January 1, 2021.  She has an extensive and accomplished managerial background in the hospitality industry holding leadership positions at Executive Caterers, Driftwood and Covelli Enterprises.   Ms. Sipos is also the Executive Director and founder for the MAC Foundation, a very successful foundation that supports the residents of Mayfield Area Communities that are going through difficult times with basic needs and even…

26 Oct: 2021 Drive In Fundraiser – Fighting Addiction with Prevention, Treatment & Support

Join us Saturday, May 1st, for a virtual performance, by Improbable Players, on the big drive-in movie screen, along with live music, fun raffle items, and concession items available to be purchased!  This is a Covid-safe event where cars will be spaced out, so you can bring a chair and sit in front of your vehicle, or stay inside your car – your choice! Improbable Players is a theatre company of teaching artists in recovery, who perform devised plays based on true stories about substance use disorder. CATS’ mission is to promote the social justice needs of the community by providing high-quality, cost-effective, evidence-based interventions that comprehensively address the chemical dependency and behavioral health needs of a diverse clientele. My Recovery Day’s mission is to develop and provide follow up support resources to individuals recovering from addictions giving them the help and hope they need for sustainable recovery. Program 6:00 – Drive-In Open…

08 Sep: Prevention, Treatment & Support Is How We Fight Addiction – Join Us

If you believe the way to fight addiction is through Prevention, Treatment and Support, then join us for an evening at the Drive In.  The event is a combined fundraiser by three local nonprofits helping to make a difference in the community.  There are no magic bullets to fight addiction but together we can make a difference.  What a night:  a virtual performance, by Improbable Players, on the big drive-in movie screen, along with live music, fun raffle items and concession items available to be purchased!  This is a Covid-safe event where cars will be spaced out, so you can bring a chair and sit in front of your vehicle, or stay inside your car – your choice! Your support helps these three nonprofits to continue to fulfill their respective missions to help battle addiction. Improbable Players is a theatre company of teaching artists in recovery, who perform devised plays based…

The Opioid Crisis is Still Here

12 Jun: Is the Opioid Crisis Gaining Momentum Because of the Pandemic?

My Recovery Day is a Cleveland Ohio based nonprofit that provides post-treatment support resources to individuals in addiction recovery.  By the very nature of what we do, we look at statistics concerning addiction.  Sadly, the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner reported 66 deaths from heroin, fentanyl and cocaine for the month of May 2020. This number is one short of the record 67 recorded in February 2017 and may be exceeded once more tests are confirmed. Cleveland and Cuyahoga County are not unique.  Other cities and counties like Chicago and Cook County has experienced a doubling in its opioid related deaths, too (ProPublica). It is a well-known fact the pandemic has increased isolation, anxiety and financial stress.  For those in active addiction and in addiction recovery, these stressors can result in fatal overdoses and in relapses.  Yes, the pandemic is a crisis but the opioid crisis never went away.  It was…

Donate those unwanted items and reduce the clutter

27 Apr: Support Individuals in Addiction Recovery by Donating Unwanted Items from Your Home and Business

Breaking News – Donors Now Get a 100% Tax Break for Donations The CARES Act lifts donation caps to 100% for individuals and joint filers, while corporations will see their cap lifted to 25% for 2020. These are truly substantial changes to the tax treatment of donations and they can be for the donation of goods, not just cash. For individuals, it could theoretically mean zero taxable income if someone gives big. My Recovery Day tracks your donation of goods/products and can get you the highest donation amount possible through our online sales platforms. Now is the time to clean out the storage closets and rooms or get rid of excess inventory to take advantage of this tax deduction. If you own a business, we are now taking donations of excess inventory, tools, medical equipment, vehicles and IT equipment.  Individual donations can be toys, collectibles, cameras, cell phones, tablets, computers,…

Taking Pain Medication in Recovery

20 Apr: My Thoughts and Experience with Pain Relief in Recovery

Recently, I had a serious medical condition requiring surgery.  It left me in the hospital for almost 2 months with pain I had never experienced before.  It also left me on opiates the whole time.  I never felt any real sense of euphoria or “buzz” but I did feel anxious about taking pain meds.  I still have pain and a healing journey ahead of me but the pain is manageable with Tylenol.  I remain grateful. Interestingly enough, I never felt a physical or real mental craving – Thank You God.  However, during these times, thoughts (Stinking Thinking) would float in my head like “Now you just blew years of sobriety.”  “Drinking is better using those pain pills.”  The thoughts seem to come out of nowhere.   Today, I can think them through and talk to others in recovery so they don’t stay in my head. What I did to avoid getting…

Garrett Hart from Rock and Recovery on the left. Bill Tymoszczuk, Executive Director of My Recovery Day on the right.

18 Dec: My Recovery Day Interview on Rock and Recovery

Had the honor of being interviewed by my friend Garrett from Rock and Recovery. Rock and Recovery is a nonprofit radio station in Akron that provides entertaining and meaningful music with positive messaging, mixing individual testimonials with humor, to those addicted to alcohol or other substances. I had a tour of their new state of the art facility in Akron and meet some of their wonderful staff. It was a great experience to share what My Recovery Day does to support individuals in recovery. Have a listen to the interview and Rock On – Sober.

Individuals in recovery learn to use eBay to make money

03 Dec: JOBS Program Kicks Off eBay Training Classes with an Updated 2020 Schedule

The My Recovery Day JOBS (Just Online Being Sober) Program looks at the online world we live in as an opportunity to provide the knowledge and teach the skills necessary for recovering individuals to become Small Business Entrepreneurs (SBE). It is an exciting way to learn new skills because they are applied to make you immediate income.


28 May: Memorial Day – We Have Not Forgotten

A Big Thank You to all our #Vets out there. We are the home of the Brave that keeps us Free.  Naturally we cannot forget the toll addiction takes on them. Just for prescription pain killers, states: “Many vets have serious injuries, with a legitimate and ongoing need for pain medications, yet the broad availability of these medications and large increases in prescriptions may contribute to their growing misuse by some service members. Pain reliever prescriptions written by military physicians quadrupled between 2001 and 2009 — to almost 3.8 million. According to a Department of Defense study, while the overall civilian rates of prescription drug misuse was 4.4%, the rate for veterans was 11.7%, over two-and-a-half times higher than the civilian rate. The problem is particularly acute for women who serve.” Have a Happy and Safe Memorial Day.  We have not forgotten, The My Recovery Day Team