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Climate Change Statement

Since our founding, our premise for empowering individuals on the addiction recovery path has been to
do so in an environmentally conscious way by reselling, re-using, re-purposing and re-cycling the
products we collect and receive through donations. Our J.O.B.S. Program specifically resells donated
items as a means of providing technology training and as an economic empowerment resource. My
Recovery Day re-uses donated items of everyday living to support recovering individuals who are
starting over through our Recovery Bank Program. Both of these programs support individuals in
recovery through reselling and reusing products and goods. Furthermore, our office adopted climate-
friendly practices for energy reduction such as turning off computers, lights, and electronics when we
are out of the office.

As our logo showcases, we have re-imagined and re-invented recovery support through the lens of
reducing our carbon footprint. How awesome is that!