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Donate Electronics, Computers

Donate Computers, Cell Phones and Other Electronics to Restore Lives and Bring Hope to Individuals in Recovery

Do you have any unwanted old computers or stereo equipment laying around?  Or, maybe you have a drawer full of old cell phones you want to get rid of.   Don’t just throw it out, donate all your unwanted electronics to My Recovery Day.  My Recovery Day is a Cleveland based nonprofit that provides follow up support resources to individuals in recovery.    Your computer donation or other electronics donation can change the life of an individual which has a ripple effect to an entire family.  

My Recovery Day will pick up your electronics donation and give you the maximum verified deduction you can receive.   Any electronics old or new is acceptable.  We also accept household item donations, vehicle donations and even donations of entire estate contents.   Here are some examples of electronics that can be donated and a few items we do not take.

Donated Items We Take

Antique Electronics
Guitar Amps
VCR & Betamax
Tube Radios
Transistor Radios
Rotary & Touchtone Phones
Headsets & Earbuds
Flat Screen TVs
Cell Phones
iPhone – Android
Walkie Talkies
Vacuum Tubes
Video Games
Electronic Toys
Test Meters
Testing Equipment
Electronic Parts


Call us if you have items you are not sure we would take.

Items We Do Not Take

Tube TVs
Large Projection TVs
Fluorescent Tubes
Hazardous Items 

Maximum Deductions

Take advantage of the new donation caps approved in the  2020 CARES Act

Give more to Get more!

Donate old computers and other electronics

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