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Facts About Addiction

Addiction is an epidemic disease that is preventable and treatable.  Addiction not only affects the individual but families and the workforce in general.  You do not even need to look for statistucs to know it is a major crisis in our country and the world.  However, here are some sobering statistics:

Mortality and Addiciton


Our Youth and Addiction

When is the right time to talk to a student or your child about addiction and drug awareness?  From this statistic…the early the better.

The Most Lethal Single Drug

Fentanyl alone is responsible for half the overdose deaths from opioidsPublished on May 1, 2018 Fentanyl is responsible for almost half the opioid deaths  An analysis of opioid-related overdose deaths found that synthetic opioids, such as illicit fentanyl, have surpassed prescription opioids as the most common drug involved in overdose deaths in the U.S.



Addiction in The Workforce and Economy

A study was published on March 27, 2018 by the American Action Forum looking at just the effects of opoid use in the labor market and the economy.  The Result:  The loss of employees and their productivity between 1999 and 2015 cost the U.S. economy $702 billion, or just under $44 billion per year, the study calculated.  These figures do not even take into account the economic impact of theft due to addiction or the cost of drug related crime.

As you can see from the illustrations and some facts, the social and economic impacts of substance abuse and addiction are staggering and far reaching.  We are only scratching teh surface on the true cost of addiction.

Through God’s guidance and help, My Recovery Day hopes to make a difference in the lives of those affected by addiction by supporting thier recovery.