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Reduce the workplace stigma associated with getting help by showing support for recovery
Employee Direct Mail In
Direct employees to a poster with our QR code on it that will take them to a page on our website that will let them print out a label for themselves.
Central Drop-off program
Establish 1 or 2 locations for employees to drop off their tech donations. For example, the IT or HR departments or, front desk.

frequently asked questions

No. There is no cost whatsoever to your organization or your employees. My Recovery Day pays for the postage to send the device(s) through USPS to our receiving dock.

No. You can give it to your carrier. When you print out the label, there is also instructions to call for a pickup.

Yes. As a matter of fact, we prefer you put as many phones in one box as possible. It will really help us to keep our shipping cost per phone down.

It would be great if it powered up but it does not have to work.

Yes we do take older phones and their charging cords. Just put them all in one box, create a label and send them to us.
Yes, you can have all your employees bring their phones to an individual or department so they can be packaged together and shipped back to us.Remember you can include any corporate devices, too.
Yes. The program is not just the employees but any organization can send their corporate phones, tablets and even laptops.
Yes. The program is not just the employees but any organization can send their corporate phones, tablets and even laptops.
We will accept the power cord and plug with the phone. If it has a skin on it or screen protector, no problem. We just don’t want a lot of bulky phone cases or clips and we do not take just the accessories.
Securing your information is very important to us. If the device is capable of being powered up, we restore it to factory defaults and wipe out any data. If we cannot power it up or fix it in any way then it is just used for parts and the mini pc board in the phone is scrapped. Of course, the best thing to do is for you to delete everything before donating it if you can.
For a single phone you can wrap it in a little bubble wrap, foam or other flexible material and put it in a small box with some packing material. Packing material can be anything to keep it from bouncing around like crumbled paper, styrofoam peanuts, air bags or the like. You can even use a USPS small flat rate box if you like. For multiple phones you want to separate them to avoid further scratching or damage. You can lay the phone flat in a box and cover each layer of phones with some bubble wrap or foam. The objective is to prevent them from moving around in the box. You can also wrap each one and place them side by side. Then make sure the box is fully packed with more packing material.
Yes. 3RTEC, Inc. dba My Recovery Day is a 501c3 charity with Federal Tax ID number 81-4109966. You can print out a donation receipt here. Simply add the devices you are sending to us under the category of electronics. Please consult your accountant for changes or updates to allowances for charitable deductions (refer to IRS publication 561). If you have any questions, please contact us at
If you have your own box that will work just fine. If you do not, you can pick up a flat rate box at the post office for free. Bring the label with you and I am sure the wonderful people at the counter can put it on for you. Pleas pick a box the is adequate for the number of phones you are donating. Example: Do not use a large flat rate box for one or two phones.
  • Yes, My Recovery Day can take any of the following Assets4Recovery Program: Communications Equipment – cell phones, IP phones, radio equipment;
  • IT Equipment – computers, servers, routers;
  • Healthcare Equipment – medical, dental, laboratory, home health
  • Any Type of Vehicle – cars, RVs, trucks, boats, golf carts.

We offer compliant asset disposition so your organization has full accountability and gets the maximum donation value for every item.

Please contact Bill Tymoszczuk, Executive Director at for more details.

    1. Matching Gifts. Some corporations have matching gift programs for donating to 501c3 charities. If your company does, you can add My Recovery Day information below to its
      list of supported organizations. You can check our “Double the Donation” page for more information:

      3RTEC, Inc. dba My Recovery Day
      4500 Lee Road
      Building H
      Cleveland, OH 44128
      Federal Tax ID number 81-4109966

    2. Payroll Deductions. If your organization processes payroll pledge forms you can download our pledge form from this page here.

Got Questions?

Interested in learning more about all of the different ways My Recovery Day is helping our community?

Contact our Community Outreach Director, Erin Sipos.