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IT Equipment Donations

Donate Outdated IT Equipment. The Intelligent Solution to Restoring Lives and Delivering Hope.

Do you have unwanted, outdated or excess IT equipment and/or parts? Are computers, servers, telecom switches/sets and all those miscellaneous components taking up valuable space? My Recovery Day can use your items to support our programs. We can take just about any Item that can be sold online to support our mission of helping individuals in addiction recovery. Large items can be sold online and picked up on-site by the buyer, if need be. Here are some examples of donated items we take and do not take.

Items We Do Take

Telephone Switches
Cell Phones
Security Cameras

Items We Do Take

Tube TVs
Anything Hazardous

Maximum Deductions

Take advantage of the new donation caps approved in the 2020 CARES Act

Give more to Get more!

For Questions or a Free Consult

Call us at 216-978-9902 for details Contact Us

Free up space and save lives. Donate your IT Equipment. Contact us for details
Donate old computers and other electronics