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Legal – Medical Disclaimer

3RTEC, Inc.’s Legal and Medical Liability Disclaimer

“The Fine Print Required By Our Attorneys”


3RTEC, Inc. dba My Recovery Day and its affiliated web sites (“”) does not provide, endorse or represent to dispense medical or legal advice, whatsoever in any of its provider profiles, any comments posted in blogs or forums, text, photos, videos, advertisements or any other information (hereinafter known as “Content”). Content available on its web site(s) are for general information purposes only. This web site is for general information only. It is up to you to consult a physician, attorney, social worker or other professionals that are accredited and licensed to provide services to you. You should not rely on any information provided on this site in place of medical or legal advice. Information on any and all portions of this web site should not be considered complete or suitable for any medical, legal or professional purpose whatsoever.


3RTEC, Inc. and its officers, employees, shareholders, board members, DISCLAIM ALL RESPONSIBILITY AND LIABILITY FOR ANY COUNSEL, ADVICE, TREATMENT, DIAGNOSIS OR ANY MEDICAL, LEGAL OR OTHER INFORMATION, SERVICES OR PRODUCTS THAT YOU OBTAIN BASED ON VIEWING THIS SITE. For more information on the use of this site you can visit our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use