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My Recovery Day Appoints Four New Board Members

CLEVELAND, OHIO – March 15, 2024 – My Recovery Day, a nonprofit organization dedicated to aiding individuals in
recovery, proudly announces the addition of four esteemed professionals to its Board of Directors. Valarie J. McCall,
Kevin Mooney, Esq., Lisa Scaffide, and Erin Sipos join the board, each bringing unique expertise and passion to advance
the organization’s mission locally and nationally.

Valarie J. McCall, renowned for her strategic advisory work at the Valarie J. McCall Consulting Agency and her
previous role as Chief of Communications, Government, and International Affairs for the City of Cleveland, adds
valuable leadership experience to the board;



Kevin Mooney, Esq., currently serving as Senior Director at the Cleveland Clinic’s Enterprise Data Governance
Office, contributes his legal and analytical acumen to enhance the organization’s governance and operational


Lisa Scaffide, President of Lisa Scaffide & Associates and former Director of HR Operations at the Cleveland
Clinic, brings decades of experience in organizational management, human resources and event planning to
drive strategic initiatives forward;




Erin Sipos, former Director of Events, Partnerships, Promotions, and Marketing for Studio West 117, enriches the
board with her expertise in event planning and community outreach, particularly within the LGBTQ+ community.




The organization is also pleased to introduce Mr. Dan Dugan as the new Chairman of the Board. With his extensive
background as an enterprise cloud strategist at Amazon Web Services and three years of service on the My Recovery
Day Board of Directors, Mr. Dugan’s leadership will propel the organization to new heights.

Founder and Executive Director Bill Tymoszczuk expresses excitement about the expanded board, stating, “The diverse
talents of our new board members will bolster My Recovery Day’s mission to support individuals in recovery. We are
thrilled to have these professionals on board.”

Tymoszczuk highlights the board’s role in enhancing outreach efforts, particularly through the upcoming “My Recovery
Day Jam 2024 – Recovery is Possible and It Rocks” event scheduled for November 2, 2024, at the Rock Hall. The event
will be streamed live, allowing recovery organizations worldwide to host watch parties at no cost, fostering community
and support.

New board members McCall, Scaffide, and Sipos are enthusiastic about the event’s potential to reach individuals in need
and promote prevention efforts among youth. “Northeast Ohio’s rich history of Rock and Roll and recovery makes the
Rock Hall the perfect venue for this iconic event,” they remark.

Chairman Dan Dugan expresses gratitude for the continued support from sponsors and anticipates another successful
event in 2024, furthering the organization’s mission to serve those in recovery.

For more information about My Recovery Day and the upcoming event, please contact Executive Director Bill
Tymoszczuk at, 216.377.1699 or visit Information and registration
for My Recovery Day Jam 2024 are available on the organization’s website and campaign page at Sponsorship inquiries can be downloaded here or please reach out to
Bill Tymoszczuk, ExecutiveDirector.