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Online Estate Sales​

Estate Liquidation Options

My Recovery Day has two options for you:

Option 1 – Host an Online Estate Sale.  An online estate sale has a number of benefits for the estate owner:

  • No strangers entering your home
  • No damage to the estate or its contents
  • No theft of contents
  • More access to potential buyers
  • Hassle free

How a My Recovery Day Online Estate Sale Works

My Recovery Day will first do a walk through to make sure what items are for sale. Next we evaluate your estate contents to see if an online estate sale is the right choice for you,   If an online estate sale is a good option, we will begin to clean up individual items and take pictures to post each item online.  Typically, the auctions we list will run for 7 – 10 days.  Upon verification of payment, buyers will then have one day to pick their items up at a predetermined date and time period.  Once everything has been sold and picked up, the estate sale is reconciled.  

An online estate sale by My Recovery Day is a great way to clear everything out.  Our staff has the experience to get you the most money online for your estate contents and will make it hassle free.  Getting ready for the online estate sale, letting the auction run and allowing a day for pickup will be a 2-3-week process.

Option 2 – Donate and Done.  My Recovery Day can simply pickup everything in one day and you are done emptying the contents of your estate.  Since My Recovery Day is 501c3 nonprofit, we will also provide you with a donation receipt for your items.  Ask us how we can maximize the value of your donation.   The Donate and Done option to liquidate estate contents is by far the easiest and quickest.

All proceeds benefit My Recovery Day programs to provide support resources to individuals in addiction recovery.

Estate Liquidation Options

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