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Privacy Policy

3RTEC, Inc. dba My Recovery Day and the 4Today App Privacy Policy
Last Updated March 10, 2023

3RTEC, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation chartered in the State of Ohio and operates as My Recovery Day which includes the mobile app known as the “4Today”.  Collectively all online or app resources shall be known as My Recovery Day.  My Recovery Day believes your personal information is your business. Our privacy policy is intended to work with and is a part of our general Terms and Conditions of use of this web site and the others we operate. Consequently, let us share with you exactly what information we collect, how we collect it and what it is used for and who will use it.

Information My Recovery Day Collects

To just use My Recovery Day as a site to browse requires no registration. However, you may be asked to register with My Recovery Day in order to fully participate in the program, a discussion forum, a contact form or any of the service offerings of My Recovery Day.

We may also use your information, pooled with information from other users void of any personal information, in collaboration with outside researchers to measure and determine the effectiveness of our program. Again, for research purposes, all personal information will be removed.

My Recovery Day may also collect information about your computer hardware and software. This information can include your ISP, IP address, browser type, referring website page(s) and address, number of clicks, domain names, and a date & time stamp. My Recovery Day uses this information to administer the My Recovery Day site, to detect problems with our servers and to maintain a high-quality user experience on the My Recovery Day site.

My Recovery Day Features Allow You to Share Information at Your Option and Discretion

My Recovery Day contains features that permit you to display, upload text and pictures, post, transmit, perform or distribute content or other information, including personal information. Any information that you choose to disclose through such features is deemed public information which we have no control over and you agree to assume all responsibility for doing so. So, exercise caution when posting any information.

Got Cookies?

In the computer world a cookie is not a desert. A cookie is simply a text file indicating your My Recovery Day identification or session identification number. A My Recovery Day cookie cannot read information off your hard drive or harm your computer. My Recovery Day uses these cookies to deliver content specific to your needs and interests. We use this cookie to identify existing registered users so that they may receive a start page more optimized for registered users than for new users or to maintain session information to prevent the need for logged-in members to re-enter login information when browsing outside of the My Recovery Day site. However, certain services and features are only available if cookies are enabled in your browser.

My Recovery Day Anti-Spam Policy

My Recovery Day adheres to a very strict Anti-Spam policy. So, what is Spam? Spam is unsolicited and unwanted email that you receive. Typically, it is the result of someone harvesting your email from the Internet or purchasing it from a third party from a site you may or may not have registered with. At My Recovery Day, we do not sell our email lists to any outside source. You will only receive email from us or a third party under the following conditions:

  1. A transaction has occurred such as a thank you for a donation, purchase or inquiry or notification that an account change has been made, etc.
  2. Deliver messages to better market and provide our products and services.

If you want to unregister from My Recovery Day or even have a question, you can call customer service at 216.377.1669 and tell us you would like to unsubscribe or need a question answered. Or, you can write to us at

3RTEC, Inc. dba My Recovery Day

Attn: Privacy Compliance

4500 Lee Road, Building H

Cleveland, OH 44128

We would be sad to lose your participation but will joyfully accommodate your request.

Links to Other Websites

3RTEC, Inc. and its affiliated web sites are not responsible for what information is gathered or used by any outside party when you leave the My Recovery Day website. Although My Recovery Day has no reason to question the integrity of other Users, we have no control over them. Consequently, as far as how they use information about you when you visit, call or purchase product or services from them, you will have to read their privacy policy. If you suspect a User is misusing your personal information please let us know by calling customer service. Users that are found not to be in compliance with 3RTEC, Inc.’s Privacy Policy and or Terms and Conditions for registering will be terminated from our community.


My Recovery Day uses industry standard security measures to protect your information. We employ sophisticated firewalls to prevent outside access to our information. As sensitive data is passed over the Internet through our website it is done so through a Secure Sockets Layer (“SSL”), which protects the data. A user name and password system is also used as an additional means to control the flow of information by you. You are solely responsible for protecting this user name and password and further guarantee that you will not release it to anyone else.

In the event you subscribe to a service offered by My Recovery Day that requires payment, the Company uses PayPal for online payment processing and does not gain access to your PayPal password or account. The Company believes, but cannot guarantee, that PayPal adheres to high security measures but you can perform your own independent investigation. Our ethical standards, employee training and practices mandate care with all User information. My Recovery Day also limits employee access to sensitive information. When it comes to your information we view that of paramount importance.


My Recovery Day wants you to have an informative and rewarding experience.

As stated in the My Recovery Day Terms & Conditions, no organization will ever call you or email you directly as result of 3RTEC Inc. supplying a phone number or email address that you did not want us to forward. My Recovery Day is strictly a connection and information platform with information you provide and have the option to release to anyone. If you wish to leave your email and/or phone number or any other personal information anywhere on the site that will be your choice.

The Company may disclose your personal information in connection with legal action against someone who may be violating Company policy or applicable law. Additionally, the Company will release your personal information if required to do so by law or court order.

My Recovery Day reserves the right to change this policy at any time without notice or approval. In the event we make changes to our privacy policy, we will post them here first. So feel free to check back if you have concerns or just want to review our current policy.

Compliance with COPPA

My Recovery Day is for individuals 18 years or older which is why we require your birth date. The Company will not knowingly collect any information from children under the age of 13 since it requires your age during the registration process to be 18. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA) as well as all FTC regulations are taken very seriously, and our policies and procedures are designed to maintain strict compliance with these Rules and Regulations. In the event it is discovered a User has misrepresented his or her age and is not 18 years old, we reserve the right to terminate the user. Consequently, the Company will not be held accountable for users that knowingly misrepresent their age during the registration process. For families or Agencies that have the legal right to post care requests for minors, they are solely responsible for disclosure of such information and will hold the Company harmless from any such compliance claims.

Got Questions?

We are always available to speak with you about any privacy concerns you may have. Please do not hesitate to call us at 216.377.1669.