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My recovery Day jam 2023

November 11, 2023

My Recovery Day is a nonprofit whose mission is to develop and provide follow-up support resources to individuals recovering from addiction, giving them the help and hope they need for recovery.   With this mission in mind, we want to reach out to that struggling individual and let them know that recovery is possible, you can have fun and there is a community to support you.

With the backing of strong partners, recovery organizations, and musicians, this year’s efforts will have a wider reach, touching the lives of even more individuals in recovery across all states.   Together, we can work for a stigma-free, supportive and thriving recovery community.

The event is at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Novembrer 11, 2023. It will feature sober musicians playing music live and delivering messages of hope. Limited in-person tickets are available but you can capture the experience through our live stream feed for free.