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Technology Donation to Support Addiction Recovery

support addiction recovery
Donate technology devices
What tech can You donate?

Have you recently upgraded your mobile phone, smartwatch or tablet lately? Now, you can send your old tech devices to us FREE through our friendly partner, The United States Post Office. Not only does recycling or reselling your phone positively impact the environment but lives, too.

My Recovery Day is a nonprofit whose mission is to develop and provide follow-up support resources to individuals recovering from addiction, giving them the help and hope they need for recovery. 

We will repair, rebuild or recycle your phone or device to sell and generate revenue to support our three programs:

  1. The Recovery Bank which provides free household items for individuals starting over;

  2. The J.O.B.S. Program teaches technology skills necessary to sell items online;

  3. The 4Today Mobile App provides recovery resources at your fingertips.

We accept all Apple, Samsung, and Droid phones, watches, tablets, laptops, and other similar  devices. 

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Let employees know you support recovery so they can help, and get help.