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Ways To Give

Explore the Many Ways to Give to Make a Difference

Donate to Restore Lives and Families Touched by Addiction


You do not need a PayPal account to use your credit card


Mail a Donation - check/money order

My Recovery Day
4500 Lee Road, Building H
Cleveland, OH 44128

Residential Donations

Your donation can give hope to others.

Residential Donations​

Company Donations

Your donation will make a difference!

Company Donations​

Healthcare Donations

Your donation can help restore lives.

Healthcare Donations​

Shop on eBay to Support

Browse through listed items that benefit My Recovery Day. When you make a purchase, up to 100% of the proceeds goes to our charity.  Support Individuals in recovery just by shopping our eBay listings.  Learn More.

Sell on eBay and Donate

If you sell items on eBay, you can donate 10% – 100% to My Recovery Day. Donating a portion of your sales can sell your item faster and at a higher price.  Get a charity ribbon next to your listings and help rebuild lives.  Learn More.

Shop on Amazon

Provide help and hope to Individuals in recovery just by shopping at  There are NO extra costs or hassles.  Just click on the Amazon diplay below.   Learn More.

Your donation can help restore lives.

Workplace Giving

Whether you are an employee or employer, your donation can restore lives.  Give today so a recovering individual has hope for tomorrow.

Workplace Giving​

Online Estate Sales

An online estate sale by My Recovery Day is a great way to clear everything out. Our staff has the experience to get you the most money online and make it hassle free. No strangers entering your home.  Best of all, you are helping My Recovery Day help individuals in recovery.  Learn More.

Junk Removal

Need junk removed from your home or business? My Recovery Day can help you remove the junk.  Items that can be used, will be donated to support individuals in recovery and you will receive a donation receipt for your generosity. Learn More.

Host a Computer Round Up

Hosting a computer Round Up or eWaste collection day is a great way for your community to get rid of old or unwanted electronics. It also shows support for fighting the opioid crisis in your community. Learn More.

New Tax Relief for Giving

The limits on what you can deduct on your taxes have just been increased. Both individuals and corporations can give more and claim a higher deductible amount. Thanks to the CARES Act you can Give more …. Get more.  Learn More.