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tech to fight addiction

According to the National Safety Council (N.S.C), “Addiction is a hidden workplace epidemic, with three of four employers being affected by employee opioid use alone. This epidemic costs employers billions of dollars in increased absenteeism and health care costs, as well as costs associated with productivity and workplace safety. COVID-19 has worsened this epidemic, emphasizing the already urgent need to end addiction stigma.

Stigma toward substance use is a leading barrier to people seeking help and to workplaces supporting employees with Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) through treatment and recovery.”

Whether you are a small business, a large corporation, a government or healthcare agency or a nonprofit, your organization is impacted by addiction. Show your employees that your organization supports recovery through our simple “Tech to Fight Addiction” Program. Another great resource for addressing and learning about substance use disorder in the workplace can be found at the National Safety Council’s (NSC) website.

Giving employees the opportunity to get involved and even a way to reach out for help, can reduce the associated workforce stigma of getting help. When your employees get help, costs go down and productivity goes up. Maybe, you have employees that have loved ones suffering from substance use disorder that would welcome the opportunity to help, too.

How can our organization get the message out?

Hang Posters – Each poster explains the program. They can be placed anywhere employees frequent:

  • Entrance, Lobbies, and Exit Areas
  • Inside elevators
  • Cafeterias and Lunchrooms
  • Employee Bulletin Boards

Employee Login Portal – you have a website that has an employee section you can place an ad or announcement in your employee’s portal.

Company Newsletter – If you circulate a paper or electronic newsletter to your employees and/or general readers, you can use an ad or announcement to place in it.

Host a Tech Roundup Day – Create a day for employees to bring in their tech devices.

Find out how your organization can get started.

Click Here for FAQs and Resources to Start Your Initiative